At NCPHIF, educating homeowners who are at risk of becoming victims of home repair/improvement fraud is our primary mission. With this in mind we have designed and developed our free SmartPower Anti-Fraud workshops. Empowering at-risk homeowners to recognize and avoid fraudulent schemes directly impacts the homeowner, their neighborhood and their local economy by making certain that precious home improvement capital stays in the neighborhood, improves existing property values, and funds local, reputable construction companies.

Smart Power Workshops cover topics such as:

  • Introduction/Overview: About NCPHIF, typical scams, and creating Contractor “Fraud-Free Zones.”
  • Before the Project: Contractors, contracts, and other things you should know before you begin your home improvement/home repair project.
  • During the Project: How to be your own quality control manager and stay on top of what your contractor is really doing.
  • After the Project: What to do before giving your contractor the final payment and what to do if you’ve been scammed.
  • Is There Such Thing As Green Fraud?: Going “Green” is the latest trend for home improvement and home repair projects, and dishonest contractors are looking to cash in.

Typical speakers include: mayors, insurance commissioners, attorneys general and other elected officials, law enforcement, disaster experts, code certified inspectors, building and zoning officials, attorneys, insurance experts, green energy experts, investigative reporters and more.

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