• Disaster-Area Rapid Response Team: Whether it’s a tornado in the Midwest or hurricane on the coast, NCPHIF quickly deploys a team of counselors to the disaster area, establishes a Resource Center in partnership with other relief organizations, and conducts one-on-one counseling with disaster victims on their home repair/rebuild, thus mitigating the risk of becoming a victim of fraudulent contractors, individuals or other organizations that prey on homeowners in this at-risk market. Whether victims are receiving insurance settlements or government relief aid, NCPHIF will assist them in navigating the process before, during and after a home repair/rebuild project. For more about our Disaster Response Teams, see here.
  • SmartPower Anti-Fraud Workshops: Working in close cooperation with state agencies and local elected officials, law enforcement, building officials, consumer protection attorneys, insurance experts and community leaders, NCPHIF conducts Anti-Fraud Workshops (“Protecting Yourself from Home Repair Contractor Fraud and Scams”) in at-risk neighborhoods and communities, nationwide. Workshops are led by Phae Moore, nationally-recognized home repair fraud prevention expert and author of “Don’t Even Think About Ripping Me Off!” – a step-by-step instructional guidebook on how to find, hire, work with and pay contractors to avoid home repair fraud and scams. SmartPower workshops offer local residents vital information from NCPHIF, as well as local municipal, law enforcement, judicial, insurance and other sources that empowers local homeowners to prevent home improvement fraud in their communities. Find more details about our workshops here.

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