Mary York

  •  Vice Chairperson, Board Member
  •  (706) 280-9267

Mary York is an Account Director at William Mills Agency, the nation’s largest independent public relations firm focusing exclusively on the financial services and technology industries. Since joining in 2006, she has worked with some of the largest organizations serving the housing industry including hundreds of banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders and insurance providers.

Mary grew up around the real estate marketplace and has spent more than a decade working within the home-financing industry. She also has a passion for home renovation and construction. Being a part of NCPHIF, she is able to give back to local communities and support the organization’s mission to educate homeowners on hiring and working with contractors. Her background provides her with a keen understanding of the housing industry, while her professional experience as a public relations professional provides NCPHIF with the strategic counsel needed to drive growth and awareness. Mary is an active member of her community and serves as Treasurer and Board Member for her neighborhood homeowners association.

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